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Sweet songs of spring

the cardinal outside my window

screams sweet songs of spring

the sound calming my soul

sunlight in my face

nature on my mind

branches tangled in the woods

the sweet songs of spring lingering in my senses

my eyes, my mind, my soul

cut forsythia on the table

sweet yellow color of spring

bringing me peace

serenity, calmness, love

the cardinal in my window

screams sweet songs of spring

renewal has come

this moment so meaningful….so simple

and so so so sweet….

Written by Michelle Madonna


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I breathe deeply, that salt water air

makes me feel whole again

my hands touch the water

the water to my face,

my lips, my mind

that salt water air rushes to me

makes me feel whole again

my feet touch the sand,

the sand to my toes

my ankles, my mind

makes me feel whole again

I breathe deeply, that salt water air

and never feel down again

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There is nothing like seeing the days grow longer.  The air is still cool yet the daffodils and forsythia are blooming.  The yellow lights up the space around, bringing a joyful color to the lingering winter that is still with us.  Seeing the first buds sprouting green, leaves me with a sense of anticipation.  Those first small leaves, tiny, delicate, the most amazing green ever.  I anticipate warmth.  I anticipate sunnier days, longer days.  The sun has a sweet effect on me, always has…always will.  The sun warms me.  You know, I always thought  I had that seasonal affective disorder as I always feel perfect when the days are longest.  It is as if nothing can come my way, no worries, no problems.  I can conquer anything, do anything, be anything.  That is the sweet effect of the days getting longer, minute by minute, day by day….

It is interesting to think of how days can affect us as humans, just as they affect animals and plants.  We are all in this thing together, this cycle of life, of seasons.  A grand metaphor for living.  A way to simplify the complex. 
You see sometimes in life if you just simplify, you can open your eyes to acceptance, to the true meaning of life.  This is how I get through difficult times.  It is when I break down the difficult thoughts, break them down into something so simple.  Like the beauty of a spring flower, the beauty of those first green leaves of spring.  My connection to nature has truly helped me become the person I am.   I can appreciate nature as an integral part of my life, my being, my soul.  It helps me deal.  It gives me reason.   And it always has this sweet effect….

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The magnolia blooms in my window
If only you knew how i love them
My eyes are bright, green as an emerald
I see my reflection and know myself deeply
The magnolia blooms and my mind is still
To awaken, to awaken, to awaken
Sense overcomes me again

Copyright. 2009.  Michelle Madonna

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