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There is nothing like seeing the days grow longer.  The air is still cool yet the daffodils and forsythia are blooming.  The yellow lights up the space around, bringing a joyful color to the lingering winter that is still with us.  Seeing the first buds sprouting green, leaves me with a sense of anticipation.  Those first small leaves, tiny, delicate, the most amazing green ever.  I anticipate warmth.  I anticipate sunnier days, longer days.  The sun has a sweet effect on me, always has…always will.  The sun warms me.  You know, I always thought  I had that seasonal affective disorder as I always feel perfect when the days are longest.  It is as if nothing can come my way, no worries, no problems.  I can conquer anything, do anything, be anything.  That is the sweet effect of the days getting longer, minute by minute, day by day….

It is interesting to think of how days can affect us as humans, just as they affect animals and plants.  We are all in this thing together, this cycle of life, of seasons.  A grand metaphor for living.  A way to simplify the complex. 
You see sometimes in life if you just simplify, you can open your eyes to acceptance, to the true meaning of life.  This is how I get through difficult times.  It is when I break down the difficult thoughts, break them down into something so simple.  Like the beauty of a spring flower, the beauty of those first green leaves of spring.  My connection to nature has truly helped me become the person I am.   I can appreciate nature as an integral part of my life, my being, my soul.  It helps me deal.  It gives me reason.   And it always has this sweet effect….


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Nature Clears the Mind…

I  went for a hike today to clear the mind.  You see sometimes in life, your mind gets all crazy on you.  You start questioning everything. Your past, your present, your future.  You try and make sense of things that just do not make sense. Life can be so hectic and sometimes it is difficult to see your way through.  During these times, I find myself searching for something, searching for something to connect to, searching for something to make me feel okay again.  My walk today helped clear my mind, something that was well needed. 

Walking through the woods by my home, I saw the first signs of spring.  The small growth of daffodils peeping their sprouts through winter snow.  I thought of the first growth of spring and it calmed my mind.  The sound of my footsteps crunching on the snow, the sound of melting ice, the sound of the woods and the low chirping of the birds.  These sounds penetrated my mind, thus calming it deeply.  Stomping through, I walked faster and faster and felt like I needed to run. I wanted to run until all of my worries dissapated into the winter air.  I wanted to throw away all of my fears.  I wanted to clear my mind again. I wanted to let it all go.  And I did. 

I ran through the woods until I reached Coindre Hall, a dog park near my home.  I ran until I saw the blue of the harbor in the distance.  I am so connected to the water, to nature, to being outdoors.  I need this in my life. It is a deep part of who I am.  It is how I cope with difficulties.  I take one look at that water and everything just seems to make sense again.  My worries about money disappear, my worries about finding someone to love me dissapear, my worries about my job dissapear.  My mind tends to worry a lot.  And at times I feel it will never stop.  But once again, I take one look at the harbor and my life seems pure again. It makes sense again.  We all need this. We need to connect to something.  And for me, it is nature. 

You see, as humans we need to connect with nature to help us through life.  Because nature is so beautiful and simple, it makes me want to be simple again. It helps me appreciate the good parts of my life, the simple things.  I am healthy.  I am alive.  I am present.   Under stress, we quickly forget the things in life that are beautiful, simple.  The kiss of another, the love of another, the amazing things in life.  When we stress, we sometimes forget who we are. We question ourselves, the way we live, the way we move. 

Nature clears the mind, the soul.  When stress overcomes you, take a hike in the woods, walk to the water, breathe the fresh air we have.  Realize that life is not about worries, money, jobs.  Life is about living, breathing, caring, loving, appreciating what we have.  If we focus on the positive things in our lives, the laws of attraction will bring us positive things.  Read The Secret….watch The Secret.   I highly believe in this. 

So next time your mind starts going crazy on you, lean towards nature to make it whole again………nature, the place which can set you free again….

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I never see the end of a year. The year is always with me, inside my heart and my head.  It is a part of my life.  Sure it is true that  2008 is almost over.  But numbers mean nothing to me.  The year has given me:  Happiness. Sadness.  Contemplation.  Love.  Heartbreak.  Work.  Sleep.  Tears.  Laughter.  Joy.  Pain.  It is just life I guess. What is so different about 2008 than any other year?  Circumstances do change, yes, but life is just life. We are all just trying to get by as best we can.  The years are always with us. Don’t make empty promises.  Be true to yourself.  Be strong. Or don’t make resolutions at all…..

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